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Beginner Drift Training

This course is designed for the novice drifter or for those who want a more intensive tuition on their journey towards becoming a competent drifter. On your arrival at Driftland we will get you signed on and into our briefing area. Where we will take you through your time with us by explaining the venue, safety factors, the car you will be using and some of the techniques you will be introduced to. We will explain the technical side of the course. We operate in small groups of four people per instructor/car – one person in the car at any one time including the instructor, meaning there is ample opportunity to explain the techniques to you further and give you a live demonstration before you switch seats to the driver side!!

Section 1
Initiation technique/Holding a slide: The instructor will give you a full demonstration on the initiation technique, how to hold a slide and how to adjust the cars position. This allows you to either increase or decrease the size of your slide radius around the marker points. Driver ability dependant your instructor may increase the difficulty level at this point by incorporating different challenges within the section. Duration 15 minutes in car per person.

Section 2
Transitions and weight transfer Techniques: This is the drifter’s terminology for changing the direction the car is moving in whilst keeping it on full drift. The transition is well known for being one of the most thrilling and sometimes most tricky skills to master! The instructor will demonstrate the effects of weight transfer on the car and how to use it to assist you when transitioning. You will be challenged to transition over variable distances. Duration 15 minutes in car per person.

Section 3
Drift line focus/Clipping points: Putting your new found skills together we will get you to drift one of the corners of our world famous track. The instructor will demonstrate a full corner of the track, showing you how to initiate the drift with the hydraulic handbrake, running the back wheels through the clipping zone. Once you are back in the driver’s seat, the instructor will get you to initiate your drift, balancing the car along the drift line using the techniques that you have been taught. Having mastered the skills of adjusting your drift line. We will challenge you to complete 5 passes of the course whilst being judged as though were taking part in a competition qualifying run.

We will then all head back into the briefing room for some feedback from your instructor on your drift programme and to find out who has won ‘Drifter of the Day’ award along with a medal and certificate presentation for everyone.

High Speed Passenger laps: Once the debrief and presentation is finished you will get the opportunity to go out with your instructor around the full track here at Driftland. We bring a selection of high specification cars with uprated power, body modifications and uprated steering kits to each event and get you buckled into our passenger seats for three adrenalin-filled laps. You will have a chance to see the same techniques you’ve learnt put into action on track and get a chance to realise you’ve now got the basic knowledge to help you take your drifting to the next stage…

Please allow 4½ hours from arrival to departure.
Small group sizes, maximum 4 per instructor and car. One person in the car per instruction.

Please Note
This voucher is for 1 person.
The order of proceedings may vary based on numbers on the day.
Your voucher does not guarantee a weekend slot.
Bookings cannot be cancelled or rescheduled within 7 days of the date of the experience.
One rebook is permitted.
Book early to avoid disappointment on selecting dates.
Drivers must hold a valid UK manual driving licence.
Available on selected dates.
An e-voucher will be emailed to you with your unique code on it and instructions to redeem using our on line booking system.
Vouchers are valid from 9 months from the date of purchase.

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