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The Scottish Gymkhana Championship and Driftkhana is coming to Driftland
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With the Scottish Gymkhana Championship already underway in 2018, we look ahead as Driftland is set to host the final rounds of the season. With Round 2 on August 18th, Round 3 on November 18th and the final Round on December 15th this is a great way for drivers to improve their precision skill and general car control. We thought we would run through some questions to give you guys a better idea of what you can expect when you come along to take part in one of these new events.


So what is this all about?

Gymkhana is a precision driving challenge which requires drivers to drift, rotate and grip through a predetermined assault course. The main circuit here at Driftland will become a maze of rotations and obstacles which the drivers will have to memorize before being able to lay down a time. Driftland will host the fastest and longest single track Gymkhana course that the UK has ever seen which will be a great test of driver’s confidence under braking and through narrow obstacles. Driftkhana is a separate competition however still falls into the same description as Gymkhana with the only difference that cars must maintain a drift through the course or face penalties for a loss of drift.


Will the fastest car win?

Not the case, especially in RWD power holds no advantage in the game of Gymkhana. Although a higher powered car may gain a greater top speed at the end of the straight, they will also not be able to get the power down as easily as a mid-range spec car. In fact, current Scottish champion and runner-up of the 2017 British Gymkhana Open Steven McConnell only boasts 205bhp in his BMW.


How many tyres will I need?

When racing against the clock speed is more important than angle. Because of this drivers tend to only use a couple sets in practice and one set for timed runs. If you are burning a lot of rubber then it tends to mean you need to calm that throttle pedal down a bit.


Value for money?

With 3 hours of open practice before timed runs, you will not be sitting around too long. Most drivers tend to find themselves well dialled-in before practice comes to an end.


How do you memorise a track?

If you are like me and can’t remember your partner’s birthday then how will you cope with remembering a vehicular obstacle course you may think? But it’s never as hard as it looks, the track tends to flow and set you up on the correct line for each obstacle. If Jeek has managed it in the past, then I’m sure you will be fine!


Gymkhana – although still relatively new to us in the UK – holds some of the best drivers in the world. Over the last 3 years, UK drivers have locked out the podium at the World final event.

Drivers can now sign up by heading to the booking part of this website – so make sure you get along to try this event and see what the fuss is all about.


Contact james@driftlanduk.com for more information.