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The Bash Is Back! Driftland Bash 2019 FAQ
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Driftland Bash 2019 Tickets on Sale NOW

Driftland Bash 2019 Tickets on Sale NOW

The UK’s Biggest and most Chaotic Missile Event Returns for 2019! We’re delighted to announce that the 3rd and 4th August 2019 will see Driftland play host to an action spectacular for both drivers and spectators!


Driver tickets are now on sale! www.driftlanduk.com/book

Over 30 Days before the 3rd August, customers can have their driver ticket refunded minus a 20% administration charge. The refund will be returned to the original method of payment. Tickets are not transferable to other drivers under any circumstances. Please contact info@driftlanduk.com to begin your refund process if this is required

30 days or less before 3rd August, tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Tickets remain non transferable to other drivers under any circumstances


Driver regulations are as per the Driftland Track Rules and Safety
Drivers must present a valid and in-date full UK manual driving licence or be processed as an unlicensed driver. This is explained fully in the Track Rules and Safety

Cars must:

  • Be free of Any/All oil/fluid leaks AT ALL TIMES
  • Have front and rear functional tow hooks or straps present. Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX8, and BMW OEM screw-in tow hooks are not acceptable as they shear when pulled at an angle. If towing hooks/straps are not mounted in an easily accessible, low position or are not present, cars will be recovered by whatever means necessary and Driftland cannot be held liable for any damage caused;
  • Within a noise limit of 105 DB at three-quarters throttle in a static test.
  • Start the weekend (or Sunday for single day tickets) with both front and rear bumpers fitted;
  • Start the weekend (or Sunday for single day tickets) with headlights and tail lights fitting into the factory positions and in reasonable condition;
  • Have all factory glass or perspex replacement windows (driver and passenger window glass can be replaced by approved netting);
  • Cars must have all panels present (including bonnet) and in reasonable condition without any sharp edges
  • Cars may be subject to checks by Driftland staff at any point during an event and may be prohibited from using the track until any faults are rectified. All decisions by Driftland staff are final.
  • Have all drivers wearing helmets at all times while on track
  • Be equipped minimum of a 3 point seatbelt. Standard Seatbelts are acceptable
  • Have driver’s front window no lower than 2 fingers at all times
  • Be of a standard that maintains the safety to driver, other track users and spectators. If you are not sure of any aspect of this then please email info@driftlanduk.com BEFORE attending site.
  • Convertibles/Soft Tops must have a roll bar in accordance with DriftlandUK Track Rules and Safety

Passengers are not allowed during this weekend

Extra drivers sharing a car will be charged at £35 per day. There is no weekend price. These drivers must abide by all track rules and regulations including presenting driving licence. Extra drivers sharing a car cannot prebook, just sign on and purchase on the day