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Track Rules & Safety

At Driftland we want you to enjoy yourself while pushing your car to it’s limits, but your safety is absolutely paramount while out on track. Like every venue we have some rules and regulations to make sure no-one gets hurt while they’re having fun.

These rules (along with any special announcements) will be explained at the driver’s briefing at the start of every event. Make sure you find out when the driver’s briefing is and attend it, if you miss it your track start time could be delayed.

Getting on track

  • To sign on as a driver you must be the holder of a full UK Manual licence, and you must present your photocard license when signing on. Failure to produce your photocard license will mean you will not be allowed on track and you will not be refunded any pre-paid track fees;
  • Please contact us for international license validity;
  • If a customer holds a full UK licence but is unable to produce it then for a fee of £36 the customer can have their driving assessed by one of our instructors. If they are deemed to be of suitable competency then they will be issued with a photographic licence for use at the Driftland track which is valid for the current calendar year. This can be done at any of our normal practice events or private hires.
  • If the customer has never held a full UK manual driving licence but is age 12 or over, the customer will have complete a minimum of 3 hours of private hire of the track in their own car to demonstrate their ability to control a car and behave responsibly on track. The private hire can be solo or part of a group. We assess the driver during the private hire and if they meet our sensible standards (in control of vehicle, listens to marshals and briefing instructions, not causing danger to track or other track users etc) then we issue him with a Driftland Driver’s licence valid for the current calendar year. The licensing cost is £36 and the private hire cost is £168 per hour (but this cost can be shared between up to 8 drivers, as normally happens in private hires)
  • All drivers and passengers must be signed on. No wristband – no track access.

Whilst on track

  • 5 MPH speed limit in pits and all access roads to and from track;
  • No static burnouts;
  • Obey the flags at all times: Red flag – come to a safe controlled stop, yellow flag – incident on track, stop drifting, slow down until clear of yellow flag situation, black flag – issue with car or driver, retire to pits, black/white chequered flag – End of session;
  • All drivers and passengers must wear helmets at all times while on track;
  • A minimum of a 3 point seatbelt must be worn on track at all times;
  • Front windows must be no lower than 2 inches at all times;
  • Under no circumstances should drivers or passengers exit their vehicle on track, if you have a mechanical failure attempt to get the car to a safe position. If your vehicle is immobilised stay in the cockpit with harness and helmet on until a marshal tells you otherwise. In the event of a fire, exit the vehicle as safely as possible.

Car condition

  • No oil or fluid leaks will be tolerated;
  • All vehicles must have front and rear functional tow hooks or straps present. Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX8, and BMW OEM screw-in tow hooks are not acceptable as they shear when pulled at an angle. If towing hooks/straps are not mounted in an easily accessible, low position or are not present, cars will be recovered by whatever means necessary and Driftland cannot be held liable for any damage caused;
  • All vehicles must be maintained to a satisfactory standard;
  • The noise limit is 105 DB at three-quarters throttle in a static test. Please see the Noise Limits page for more information about the test;
  • Cars must have at least 2 working rear brake lights;
  • Cars must start the day with both front and rear bumpers fitted;
  • Cars must have headlights and tail lights fitting into the factory positions and in reasonable condition;
  • Cars must have all factory glass or perspex replacement windows (driver and passenger window glass can be replaced by approved netting);
  • Cars must have all panels present (including bonnet) and in reasonable condition without any sharp edges;
  • Exterior aerosol graffiti is strongly discouraged and will not be deemed acceptable unless part of a full car design or professional paint finish;
  • Cars may be subject to checks by Driftland staff at any point during an event and may be prohibited from using the track until any faults are rectified. All decisions by Driftland staff are final.


Convertibles, soft-tops, cabriolets or any car that has a removable roof will be allowed on track ONLY if it has a roll bar or cage that meets the following requirements:

  • Rollbars or hoops must be made in one piece without joints. Their construction must be smooth and even, without ripples or cracks. The vertical part of the main rollbar must be as straight as possible and as close as possible to the interior contour of the bodyshell;
  • Rear back stays are to be mounted as close to the top of the main roll bar as possible;
  • Roll bars must be constructed from 38mm diameter x 2.64mm wall tube minimum sizes. 50.8mm diameter material is preferred but not essential. Rear back stays must also be manufactured from 38mm x 2.64mm wall CDS tube or better;
  • Roll bars must have small hole around 5mm drilled in main hoop, in an accessible position to allow for wall thickness to be checked;
  • Mounting points for main roll bar and rear backstays must be minimum 100mm x 100mm and minimum 3mm thickness;
  • Welding should be to good standard ensuring good penetration;
    Roll cage padding is required if roll bar is within 150mm of drivers helmet.

Cars such as the Mazda MX5 or BMW 3 Series Cabriolet are great cars for drifting but offer very little protection in the event of a roll, which is why we are now enforcing these rules. If you have any queries or concerns about your car or roll bar’s suitability please contact us before an event to prevent disappointment, as if we deem it to be unsafe you will not be allowed on track.

During events where the venue is hired by a third party, some regulations may be altered by prior agreement between Driftland Ltd and the third party. Users of the track affected by these alterations will be notified at the time of booking and again during driver’s briefing.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or need anything clarified please get in touch with us before an event to avoid disappointment.

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