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Advanced (Gold) Drift Experience

If you would like more intensive tuition, at Driftland we offer the “Gold” Experience – fully customised to suit your desires!

We well as the Bronze and Silver, we also provide a “Gold” Experience – it is a 1-2-1 experience whereby you receive sole use of the track, one of our professional instructors, and one of our specially-prepared BMW 3 series school cars. The driving is tailored to suit your experience and ability, and the aim is to get the most progress and enjoyment from your time in the car. We have a variety of instructors on site, all with years of experience in competition driving and have been tutoring pupils at Driftland since we opened in 2013.

The experience features an hour of core driving time in the car with an instructor
You and the instructor set goals/targets according to what you want to achieve from the day
We have a briefing at the start – we then stop after half an hour to assess/catch up and take a break
We return to the car for another half an hour with the aim of completing the goals set out at the start of the day
At the end of the experience, we return to the office for a debrief and discuss/set goals for the next Gold Experience you take.

The RRP for this package is £599.

You can choose an experience date on Monday to Friday – date to be set at a time convenient for both venue and customer. Get in touch via the Contact Us page to make your booking!

Please allow 2 ½ hours from arrival to departure.
Total time in the car is approx. 1 hours.
Individual tuition, one person per instructor and car.

Free Entry for all Spectators

Drop us an email at info@driftlanduk.com to enquire if you’d like to make a booking!


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