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Drift My Ride Ep 43 – The ORIGINAL Rocket Bunny S13
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In between all the usual BMWs, Toyotas and Nissans drifting at Driftland, every so often something very special graces the track. Episode 43 of Drift My Ride is just that – Scotty brought the original Rocket Bunny S13 up from Hexham to let Craig have a spin out on track! This car has been with us in many different guises – it started out as a stock, clean S13 before briefly becoming an RB30-powered monster. Then, Scotty went SR20 power before boost got the better of him and he exploded it! So in went a fresh crate LS2 engine and T56 gearbox, all fitted by Scotty. This car is so unique, the original rocket bunny kit sits on top of overfenders to make it ultra wide, the cage is a work of art, and the whole package is set up perfectly. There’s just one issue as the guys discovered…

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