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Drift My Ride Ep 41 – Engine Swap 2JZ BMW E36
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2JZ power this week, except not in a Toyota! Chrissy Nailen has brought his 2JZ-GE NA-T power BMW E36 down to the track to allow Craig to get his hands on it. We haven’t seen one like this before – this is an E36 saloon with a Toyota 2JZ NON-TURBO engine, but with a turbo head gasket fitted and then a big meaty turbo strapped to it. This results in 417BHP at the wheels at only 0.8 bar! Chrissy has done everything to this car himself, from the engine build and fitting, to bodywork, the cage fitting, right down to his own design of steering knuckles. Chrissy is currently using the car in the Scottish Drift Championship this year and is still struggling to get enough power down on 225 section tyres. Craig has some tricky conditions to deal with – the track is very patchy with wet and dry points all over. He’s going to need every bit of lock and every horsepower!