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Drift My Ride Ep 39 – Hire Car Drift Battle
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This week, Craig and Ren go a bit crazy. Driftland has recently started offering customers the chance to hire a car for use at the circuit, meaning people can arrive and drive – not having to worry about any of the preparation or mechanical issues. We thought we’d take the opportunity to discuss, review and test the hire cars in an episode. However, when Craig suggests testing out some Proximity things get a bit sketchy! The guys decide to practice the layout used for Scottish Drift Championship 2018 Round 3, swapping round to get shots at both lead and chase – with some pretty interesting results. See how they get on!

Fancy hiring a car one day? Want some more info about the cars, spec and pricing? Check our website here for all the details! https://www.driftlanduk.com/drift-car-hire-now-available-at-driftland/