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4 Hours of Lochgelly - 24-11-19

Many thanks to all that participated in our Endurance Event on the 24th November. It was a wet, muddy and fun day had by all.

The results from the event are as follows -

Final Scores from today:

1 Ryan Martin 160
2 DR Motorsport 154
3 Team 210 147
4 Punjabi Racing 142
5 Team Zero Style 139
6 Japcom1 129
7 Bros b4 Ho's 127
8 Alastair Brown 126
9 oooohhhhracecarfriends 125
10 Japcom3 124
11 FPPF 123
12 Last 7 Furious 122
13 JP Racing 119
14 Fucks Skids 116
15 Leadfoot 115
16 Mad dogs 113
17 Crunch Bunch 110
18 MorebattleMafia 102
18 Japcom2 102
19 Stunced & Fit 96
20 Reprobates 95
21 Team Banbeath 87
22 Team Whoops 82
23 Team DK 80
24 SRS 76
25 Sp**k Breath 75
26 Dads and Lads 74
26 2fast4u 74
27 MGS Motorsport 73
28 Team tefloon 68
29 Declan Brady 62
30 Goon Squad 60
31 AB2 47
32 Helmet Smackers 43
33 Team Mad4it 37
34 Smokey & the Bandits 36
35 Do ur best skim the rest 29
36 Foreigners 7

Our next MicroCup Endurance Event takes place on Sunday 29th December 2019 at 1130.

Tickets are now on sale for this via our website, you can do this via the Book link.

On Sunday 29th December we will be holding an event inspired by the Microcup - the 4 hours of Driftland. A compressed 24 hours of LeMons, the 4 hours of Lochgelly is a a test of both man and machine. It will be a 4 hour endurance race, round the shiftlock layout with a CASH prize pot for the competitor who completes the most laps in the time.

THE CAR RULES! - normal Driftland rules and regulations apply (https://www.driftland.online/) - so a standard car will suffice:

1. Front wheel drive
2. 1400cc or less
3. No Modifications ( ie no weight saving, nothing! just as it rolled out the factory)
4. Road going budget tyres only.
5. Teams may install harnesses
6. Teams may install a bucket seat

We have been working with an app developer to get use of a great new app called HOTLAP (ios and andriod) this will allow us to count the laps as well as commentate on the race as it unfolds, making it fun for driver and spectators too. You'll have your phones in the car with you reporting back to us so we'll keep everyone updated!

Do you go big car or small car?
Do you go diesel or petrol?
Do you change drivers often?
Do you go light on fuel and do more stops?
Do you go for speed or reliability?
Drivers, the choices are yours to make!

Remember, you need to make your car last the full 4 hours so this is NOT a destruction derby. It is an Endurance Race where tactics and skill come into play. Rubbing is racing, and if contact is made then so be it, but remember if you want to win the money, you need to keep it sweet.

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