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Was that really the Scottish Drift Championship?
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                          pic via Hoorinit

 On the 6th of May at Driftland UK in Fife played host to the second round of The Scottish Drift Championship Sponsored by We Restore Alloys, Strongflex UK and Carbon Detox Services UK. The sun was splitting the skies with the hottest day of 2018 as the drivers arrived to the circuit. Every was in good spirits and looking forward to a good day heading into the start of Practice and Qualifying.  The layout known as “BDC” due to the British Drift Championships use of it in 2016 and 2017 requires a lot of commitment and minimal corrections to be able to hold the desired line the judges look for.


Practice & Qualifying:

Practice saw many drivers struggling to get to grips with the extremely fast layout, the splitting sunshine was giving almost too much grip. This was a bit up and down over the next few hours with drivers either getting the layout near perfect or the complete opposite. Many lucky escapes later the drivers started to move into the qualifying lane for their judged runs. This is where drivers found their feet with some unreal runs getting put down left and right. The standard was so high that anyone who held a good line capable of a top 8 at previous rounds would have only seen you scrape into the 15-20th mark. The driving level would have sat well in at the visiting British Drift Championship we will see on track July 14th and 15th here at Driftland. On his first run Kevin Kay managed to put him self on the top spot only a few points clear of a hard charging Ricky Lawrence who was clearly bringing the fight after missing round one. Gary Michie was the last to qualify which worked in his favor landing him in 3rd place moving into battles. Favorite Callum  Marshall found himself in a respectable 5th closely followed by a very happy Jamie Lundie.


Stuart Mallet having a near roll, Pic via Thistle Motorsport Photography.













Kevin Kay using a couple inches more than needed. Pic via Hoorinit



Top 32 Battle highlights:

After a second place finish at round one John Harley was unfortunately knocked out By Jack Cockburn a call was made for “One more time” but John’s fueling issues seen Jack head to top 16.  William Hannah in his back up car managed to push Mark Illand in to two “One more time’s” before eventually William made a mistake to aid Mark on his way to the top 16. Stuart Mallet who would go on to collect the Hard Charger award was knocked out at this stage by Josh Duff who was in another last minute car change.

 Hard Charger pic via Hoorinit


Top 16 Battle highlights:

Craig MacLeod who was on the podium at round one drew up against top qualifier Kevin Kay, although a solid effort was put in by Craig he couldn’t get the chase run to compete with Kevin. Sam Sealey was unfortunate to come against one of the favorite’s Callum Marshall which saw his round come to an end.

Callum Marshall pic via Hoorinit


Top 8 & Top Battle highlights:

Stuart Adsley went up against Callum Marshall in the battle of the red BMW’s. A 6-4 advantage to Callum after the first run sealed the result in his favor after Stuart landed a 5-5 in the second part of the battle. Kevin Kay managed to knock out Tiny Stuart McLellan in the top 8 to face Jamie Lundie in the top 4 where he progressed into the final. Ricky Lawrence was steadily picking his way towards the sharp end of the competition by knocking Jack Cockburn out of the top 8 which seen him go head to head with Callum Marshall in the top 4. A big error from Callum seen Ricky head to the final while Callum went on to take 3rd against Jamie Lundie for “best of the rest”.

 Josh Duff and Jamie Lundie Pic via Hoorinit


The Final:

Ricky Lawrence who won round 3 last year was on fire and so was Kevin Kay who won round 2 last year, it was going to be a great final. To anyone watching the video online you would not have thought this was a local championship. The level of driving and level of machinery really made you see how far this championship has came in a couple short years.  Kevin to Lead first seen Ricky only inches off his bumper going into clip one, a great chase run seen Ricky take a 6-4 lead before they set off again. Kevin went in hot pursuit with a drive not unfit for any European championship, a small error from Ricky running wide just before clip 3 seen Kevin return a 7-3 which gave him the win by only two points.

 Pic via Hoorinit


Run Down:

The Scottish Drift Championship is certainly on fire at the moment. With the continued support from the fans and the drivers we hope that this will keep delivering the driving standards we seen on Sunday the 6th. Round 3 is on August 4th backed up by the all new “Off The Wall” festival so be sure you don’t miss this evening round and night time party. Ticket info to come soon so make sure you get along to the next round of Scotland’s most exciting Motorsport Championship.