Drift Experiences

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Join us on this starter Drift Experience including YOU drifting one of our Driftland School cars, and jump in for a high speed HOT lap session with a pro driver!

This well-run introduction to the world of drifting is an eye-opening thrill ride from start to finish. You'll undergo structured training in three of the core skills necessary to master drifting.

Handbrake turn, donuts and figure of 8

During this lesson you will jump into the passenger seat and your instructor, explains and then demonstrates how to pull off these core drifting skills, before you take the wheel yourself for 3 attempts at these tyre-screeching skills!

The short course
Get ready for the short course, where we want you to put the three core skills you will have picked up into one fluid movement. After an in-car demonstration from your instructor, you take the wheel yourself for the drift entry. Getting the right amount of angle, controlling the weight shift through the car and nailing the speed is essential - and you'll have 3 attempts to master this skill.

Drift battle

Then you'll experience a high speed drift battle - jump in the passenger seat of one of our competition drift cars as 2 professionally licensed drift drivers perform identical high speed drift moves at incredibly close quarters. This element of the day is often described by students as the highlight of the day!

You'll be driving one of our purpose built drift cars based on R33 skyline GTST's. These starter sessions commence at 10.00AM 12:00 PM and 3.00 PM. Please allow 2.5hrs at the venue. The order of proceedings may vary based on numbers on the day.

During the day when not driving, you can take advantage of the many viewing galleries and hospitality suites on-site - and before you know it you'll be behind the wheel again!

Full UK manual driving license required.

The price for this starter experience is £169 and is available through our online booking system.